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When I first opened My Fair Ellie I had a turn around time of 3-5 days. Although nothing was truly ready to ship, everything was handmade, by me, after it was ordered. I only had 2-10 orders per week and it always seemed manageable to get items out within the turn around time. 

After 6 months or so, the shop began to grow, I was getting larger and more frequent orders, I had repeat customers who were spreading the word, bless them. I had recently added the badge buddies and most days I started to feel like I was just keeping my head above water. I increased my turn around time to 1-2 weeks to give myself, and my family, some relief. 

Another 6 months after that, with the shop continuing to grow, I had a chronically ill one year old and I was once again struggling to keep up. I increased my turn around time to 3-4 weeks. One month gave me enough time to make sure I always had the supplies and time to create each and every order that came through the shop. 

On average, today, the shop runs with approximately 200 open orders, not including preorders from the Facebook VIP Group. Switching from Etsy to the new website I had a dream of making every item ready to ship and I'm so proud to say that our badge buddy section is just that. There is a true inventory of the badge buddies I have on hand and it has been such a relief in completing orders that I've decided to do the same thing with bows!! 

Today will be your LAST DAY to order 95% of the bows currently listed in the shop. In the coming weeks I will be converting the shop to strictly ready to ship - minus custom orders. This will give me more time with my family, more time to create new items (gah, you guys, I have SOOOOOO many ideas) and it will put your orders in your hands in record time. I will be adopting a restocking schedule in the coming days for badge buddies and bows. I am so excited for what this means for My Fair Ellie and I hope you'll be patient with me as work out the growing pains! 



  • Jenny jacob

    How about a “midwife” badge buddy?

  • Cassie H

    Thanks so much Tanya! You’re so sweet! I’d love to create those for you!! Message us!

  • Tanya Hall

    I am a nursing student and I discovered your shop on etsy a while ago. Since then I have made multiple purchases and haven’t had one complaint. I get tons of compliments and refer everyone (even though I secretly want to keep it to myself, like my secret goldmine). The only thing I have to add is I wish you would add Chip (beauty and the beast), and flounder and sebastian! Love your shop!

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