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Ever since my announcement about joining the group at The Campus, I've received a TON of requests for additional information! I thought the easiest way to answer all of these great questions would be via blog post so here we go... 


What is The Campus

Straight from their site... Campus Coworking Space is an entrepreneurial and professional community open to everyone who wants to get their work done in a supportive environment. Located on Jefferson City’s historic Capitol Ave, next to the Missouri State Penitentiary, this space features shared amenities such as fiber internet, a physical mailing address, classes offered from experts, printing, open coworking, dedicated office space, phone booths, conference rooms, fresh coffee and healthy meal boxes.


Is this a My Fair Ellie store? 

Nope! BUT! My Fair Ellie products will be available for purchase in their retail shop at the front of the building. We will be a part of a group of vendors all selling MO made products! My Fair Ellie items available for purchase will include... bows (nylon and clip), badge reel bases, badge buddies, planner clips, necklaces and more! 


I have a small business/make handmade MO items, where can I get more information on signing up? 

YES!! Please please please check out their website (linked throughout this post) and reach out to the owners! There is always room for more! 


Why are you joining a coworking space when you currently work from home? 

I LOVE working at home, and, for the most part, that won't change. I was motivated to sign up to be a part of the The Campus for two reasons... one... I wanted to be a part of a community of people who share common goals and experiences to me, as a business owner. I want to learn from those who came before me and coach the people who follow me. Two... one of my goals for 2019 is to begin teaching classes at The Campus in their conference room. I have found that one of my favorite parts of this shop is building connections with my customers, I look forward to the opportunity to meet new people while creating beautiful items! Ultimately The Campus will provide an environment for growth for both my shop, and me personally, and I look forward to what 2019 has in store for me! 


Can I pick up my orders at The Campus? 

Not yet! But this is definitely in the works! The Campus will provide an alternative Jefferson City pickup location in the future, we currently offer pickup at Southbank Gifts, and that will continue. We love giving you guys a chance to skip shipping charges and shop locally while picking up your My Fair Ellie order and we're always excited to add more options. The Campus is located at the corner of Lafayette and Capitol, parking is FREE and in the morning hours my favorite burrito truck is parked nearby! Did La Chica Loca play a part in my decision making? Maybe.


When can I shop? 

The Campus will be open on January 1st, with a Grand Opening on January 10th! You can check out the shop, see the office space and walk the neighborhood... with a burrito if you come before 10. 

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    Fly high, Cassie! For a nurse, you sure know a lot about marketing!

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