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Hi friends! Owning this shop has been the opportunity of a lifetime - meeting new friends, creating handmade items for you and using your support to help lift others has been an amazing gift. My family is beyond blessed so we've made it our mission with this shop to bless the lives of others, here's why we picked this cause... 

On Wednesday May 22nd my hometown, and the headquarters of My Fair Ellie, was devastated with an EF-3 tornado. Just blocks from where we live this storm left a path of heartbreaking destruction. My family was so fortunate that our home was spared, but so many others were not so lucky. 

My favorite neighborhood on Capitol Ave, and the home of Campus Coworking Space, that I'm a member of, was one of the locations that took a direct hit. Seeing the aftermath, holding the product that was left in the rubble, brought tears to my eyes. And while I am so sad to think of everything we lost, I'm so grateful to report that there was not a single life lost as a result of this tornado.

We've made it my mission to use our good fortune to bless the lives of others. Henry, Nellie, our family, friends, coworkers and the My Fair Ellie family have raised nearly $2,000 to help aid in the recovery efforts. We've purchased snacks for the linemen, first responders, 911 dispatchers and volunteers, we've adopted families through the shelter and blessed them with clothing,  bedding, and more, and we've inspired others to donate their time and money to the cause. The work is far from over and we look forward to continuing to spread the love. 

This storm has taken so much - homes, businesses, a sense of safety and security, but maybe it has given us something too. Maybe it gave us the opportunity to teach our kids about helping others, a sense of community, watching neighbor helping neighbor, and a strong resolve to rebuild this town. It can be tough to fulfill the natural desire you have as a parent to give your child more than you had, while still teaching them to be grateful, but I've found this to be the perfect opportunity. 

So purchase these #JCStrong buddies so we can use the money to continue spreading the love to anyone in need. We look forward to sharing with you every way we are giving back on our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Thanks for being the best group a girl could ask for!! 

XOXO Cassie 

Here's what you CAN do to get involved... 

  • - Stay up to date with volunteer opportunities being coordinated by the United Way and Red Cross

  • - Find a rainbow box in the downtown area... Southbank Gift Co, Haute Salon, etc - and donate items - snack foods for first responders, designated items for the Red Cross efforts, etc - stay up to date with the latest needs by following us on Facebook 

  • - Support local businesses in the immediate area, the majority of High Street is open and they'd love to see you! 

  • - Collect snacks and drinks for your first responders! Not sure how to get them there? Message me! 

  • - Talk to these families! Make yourself available at the shelters and outreach centers, meet people, shake their hand, look into their eyes and ask them, "What can I do for you today?" Chances are it's as simple as listening to their story and giving them a hug. 

  • - Can't find a place to volunteer? Go to the store, buy a box of black trash bags, find a neighborhood on the East end that was not directly in the path of the tornado and pick up trash. There are so many yards riddled with insulation and other trash secondary to the winds. 

Here's what NOT to do... 

  • - Show up in areas road blocked areas without prior authorization or approval - these areas are dangerous, many have wires down, unstable buildings, etc - let the professionals do their jobs without pedestrians on the sidewalk.

  • - Stop taking photos of someone's home. People live here, friends. They're devastated. They have nothing left. Please respect them and their property enough to stop taking photos of their loss. 

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  • Mom

    This week I got to experience the hi’s and lo’s of parenting. The night of the tornado, realizing it passed so close to three of four of my adult children – it takes your breath away. So many blessings could have been gone so quickly. I was truly a blessed Momma (and MawMaw) to come away with my heart intact. But then, to see these same children and grandchildren serving their community and caring for their neighbors…my heart is full.

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