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What's the highlight of my week this week?! My Erin Condren planner started! My planner is a huge part of keeping my life on track - family, work and this shop. Plus did you know that you're 42% more likely to accomplish your goals if you write them down?! Beyond writing down my goals for this little shop, I love that my planner also serves as a memory book for the year my family has had. So, with that, I've rounded up my top five favorite accessories that I love when it comes to my planner and I'm sharing them with you today! 

#1 - My Erin Condren Planner! It all starts with a great planner and I've used a LOTTTT of planners over the past 6 years, but I always come back to Erin Condren. My favorite layout is the horizontal, it seems to work best for my family, but my 8-5 friends might find that the vertical suits your needs a little better. I love that each day features a lined section and then a box to the side that I like to use for stickers, pictures and sometimes I let the kids draw in it. These planners come with a ton of swag, feature motivational quotes to get you through the year and even have an interchangeable cover if you're like me and you love throwing money at anything seasonal. Use this link to get $10 off your own Erin Condren planner

#2 - My Fair Ellie Interchangeable Planner Clips! It's the obvious pick for number two, right?! I love that I can change my topper based on my upcoming week and you can use any of your badge buddies that you've previously purchased. This week I'm currently running with this sweet butterfly and my favorite fabric print from 1canoe2! Get 50% off your interchangeable planner clips through tomorrow with code PLANNERSWAG 

#3 - The pen of all pens! This Pilot Precise pen is the only pen you will ever need... like ever! It has a fine point, but not too fine that it's difficult to write with, a soft grip, it's decently priced and the best part? It doesn't bleed through the pages! As a nurse I feel particularly qualified to talk pens since a nurse's love for her pens is as legit as it gets... 

#4 - Washi tape! But not just any washi tape, this amazingly durable fabric washi tape from Lemony Stitch! I've been a member of her subscription service for a year now - I love getting an assortment of new prints each month and I have yet to be disappointed by her picks! If you're not a fan of surprises then you can always check out her Etsy Shop to pick out your own favorite prints - like this unicorn glitter heart that I just carted and am buying this very minute. GAH!

#5 - STICKERS! I totally saved the best for last! The 90s Lisa Frank fan in me LOVES adding stickers for every occasion, it has to be the highlight of owning a planner. Recently I started the search for countdown stickers for our upcoming Disney trip and that search landed me in Pretty Sheepy. Well gooooood luck picking just one or two things from that shop, I left with ten - including this adorable Cinderellas Castle bookmark

Well that's it... my top five favorite planner accessories! I'd love to hear yours in the comments below, especially if you have suggestions for markers/highlighters/page flags as I'm still on the hunt for some great ones! 



  • Cassie

    Katelyn, I was just thinking that!!!

    Kaitlin, I need to look into those!! <3

  • Katelyn

    We should be best friends…just saying 🤷

  • Kaitlin B.

    I love my planner! I don’t go anywhere without it. I also need my felt pens!!!

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