Let's build a reel...



You're looking to build the perfect reel setup and we are here to help! Let us walk you through the whole process with links and helpful tips! 

Step 1 // Badge Reel // Retractable Reel 

Let's start with the base for all your fun buddies! Badge reels are definitely the most popular base - but did you know we also have lanyards, keychains and wristlets!? Our badge reels feature a unique hook and loop closure that is perfectly matched to our buddies. Our standard reels have a lifetime warranty - yep, we will replace them for the rest of your life. What fun is a buddy without a reel? Check out all of bases HERE

Step 2 // Badge Backer // Acrylic Piece that Goes Behind Reel 

That cute personalized piece behind the ID is the badge backer and it's a great way to share your personality! You can customize the color, the text and the size of the backer so it will be a perfect fit. To order a backer, click HERE. Want to see all the colors available for the backer and text? We keep an updated photo album HERE

Step 3 // Dueling Buddies // Two Buddies at Once

Want to wear two buddies at once?! Duh, right!? You'll want to grab a dueling piece HERE. You'll slide the piece onto the clear strap of your reel and you'll be ready to wear two buddies at once! 

Step 4 // Admire your reel! Great work! Be sure to tag us on social media!

Still have questions? We'd love to help you, just email hello@myfairellie.com 


  • Raquel Serrano

    May i get a Kansas City badge real made with football 🏈 and red and yellow beads

  • Sandra Oropeza

    I would love to have a badge backer that says CNA, how can I get one?

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