Let's build a reel...



You're looking to build the perfect reel setup and we are here to help! Let us walk you through the whole process with links and helpful tips! 

Step 1 // Badge Reel // Retractable Reel 

Let's start with the base for all your fun buddies! Our badge reels feature a unique hook and loop closure that is perfectly matched to our buddies. Our standard reels have a lifetime warranty - yep, we will replace them for the rest of your life. What fun is a buddy without a reel? Check out all of reels HERE

Step 2 // Badge Backer // Acrylic Piece that Goes Behind Reel 

That cute personalized piece behind the ID is the badge backer and it's a great way to share your personality! You can customize the color, the text and the size of the backer so it will be a perfect fit. To order a backer, click HERE. Want to see all the colors available for the backer and color? We keep an updated photo album HERE

Step 3 // Dueling Buddies // Two Buddies at Once

Want to wear two buddies at once?! Duh, right!? You'll want to grab a dueling piece HERE. You'll slide the piece onto the clear strap of your reel and you'll be ready to wear two buddies at once! 

Still have questions? We'd love to help you, just email hello@myfairellie.com 


  • Raquel Serrano

    May i get a Kansas City badge real made with football 🏈 and red and yellow beads

  • Sandra Oropeza

    I would love to have a badge backer that says CNA, how can I get one?

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