Subscription Service

Hi friend!

Let's chat about the My Fair Ellie subscription program! Here are some frequently asked questions and information on how to become a subscriber... 

How much will this cost?

Our subscription service is invoiced via PayPal for an amount dependent on the subscription you're interested in. 

3 Badge Buddies // $10.00 // Monthly

1 Interchangeable Nellie Bow // $10.00 // Monthly

1 Sticker // $3.50 // Monthly

Though you're not required to have a PayPal account to pay your invoice. We send the invoices the first week of the month and ship your items the last week of the month. You'll stay enrolled in the subscription program until you email us at 

Why should I sign up? 

I have three reasons! First, they're cute - isn't that enough?! We select some amazing fabric patterns, glitters, embroidery designs and materials to create your badge buddies. Second, none of these items will ever be listed in the shop. They're limited edition and exclusive to our subscribers. And third, each subscription package comes with a coupon code good to use in the shop! 

Are you convinced? I thought so! Here's your link... 


Still have questions? E-Mail us at 

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