Shop Updates

Here is an easy way to keep track of our progress as we fulfill orders! Before we get into the specifics, here are a couple things to remember... 

Typical shop turn around time is 7 BUSINESS days from the date of purchase IF your order does NOT include custom requests. 

Preorder shop turn around time is 4 weeks from the date of the preorder closing. 

We are always doing our best get these orders out the door to you, if you don't find the info to answer your question below, feel free to email us at 


Specific Preorder/Order Updates... 

Birthday Preorder
Including: Scrunchies, Shakers, Glow in the Dark, Etc 
Date Preorder Closed: July 23 
Updates: We've started shipping these orders. We hoped to be done but we are short on fabric for scrunchie #7 and top knot #6. We will be completed by the end of this week (9/13)

Stash Sale aka Grab Bags ROUND TWO 
Date Closed: August 20 
Update: Oversold. BUT we are fulfilling every order and will be done by 9/11

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