Jaime Nelson

Hello! I’m Jaime. I’m a newbie to MFE, started as part time and am now the full time office girl; you will find me cutting, gluing, fulfilling orders, and doing whatever else Cassie tells me to do. I have been married to my husband Brad for 13 years and we have 3 sweet-ish kids, Hunter (12), Carter (10) and Harper (almost 6).
In my free time...who am I kidding, I don’t have any free time. I’m a soccer mom, volleyball coach (for going on 15 years), and lover of parades and fireworks. This team of ladies is incredible and I enjoy every second working with them.

Favorite Treat // Anything Sweet 
Favorite Color // Dark Purple
Favorite Store // Hobby Lobby
Favorite Music // Sirius K Love & 90s