The Grand ReOpening!

Hey friends! 

Just wanted to write a post about a few things we learned on night one of the new website! First, I want to say thank you to everyone who visited the site, what a serious reassurance that leaving Etsy was the right decision. I love you all and the love that you constantly show this shop and my family. Here's some of the feedback we received about the new site... 

#1 - The chat feature was blocking the checkout for mobile users!! 

Noooooo!!! This was my biggest fear, learning something huge at minute one of the shop. The quickest solution last night was for us to remove the chat feature all together so that we can try to re add it at a less busy time for the shop. I'm sorry to anyone whose checkout was delayed or who were searching for the chat feature to use. I promise we will bring it back! 

#2 - I missed out on (insert item here) 

Just like RTS sales, sometimes certain items go really quickly. The best part about this new website is that there is a feature built in for you to sign up for restock alerts - I LOVE that!! The app will tell me which items have the highest demand and how many I should restock with. So PLEASE sign up for the items you missed out on, it's the only way to guarantee that I restock enough for everyone and prioritize the items with the most alerts. 

#3 - I forgot to use my discount code!! 

Boooo!! I am sorry about that! Unfortunately refunding for missed coupons is not the easiest task on my new shipping platform, but I am happy to include a little extra in your box to make up for the lack of discount code. If you forgot to use your code and want your bonus, message us at 

#4 - I LOVE the rewards program!!

This was probably the #2 reason I switched to shopify... I LOVE that I can reward you guys for making purchases, sharing the shop and leaving reviews. You can rack up your points by leaving reviews on items you've purchased (both on the new site and the old Etsy page) and by sending your referral code to friends. Then you can use those points for shop discount codes! 


If you all have any questions or additional feedback about the website, we would love to hear it, email us at! And don't forget to check out the Facebook VIP group for the latest in shop news, discount codes and more! 

Cassie H

PS We totally let the kids stay up past their bedtime while we watched the shop stats roll in... does that make us lame?! 

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