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Recently I decided to act like a grown up girl boss, and add highlighted topics to the My Fair Ellie Instagram account. This feature will allow me to save some of your favorite stories for future viewing, beyond the initial 24 hour life of a traditional instagram story. Insert promo, if you're not following My Fair Ellie on IG, you should be, our posts are a sweet combination of favorite small business finds, yummy food and a healthy dose of real life guaranteed to enrich your day. 

By far, the most requested topic to focus my energy on has been, I'd Eat That! The goal for this section is to share not just my favorite places to dine out, but also our favorite home cooked meals!

I could hardly make a post on home cooked meals without stating two things... #1 I do virtually none of the cooking... and by virtually none... I mean NONE.. I seriously burned a frozen waffle just prior to writing this blog post, but lucky for me, I married up. And #2... Home Chef has been our home cooked meal salvation. Here's a breakdown of the perks we've found so far... 

Variety... We've subscribed to Home Chef for more than 45 meals and we've never had the same meal twice. Each week you're presented with ~15 meals, they're always a mix of beef/chicken/pork/vegetarian, you select the number of meals you'd like, generally we pick 3-4 meals to account for non Home Chef nights (ie date night, plans with friends/family, or just a family staple dinner). Then a box arrives at our door the following week with the fresh, pre portioned ingredients needed to make that meal. 

Portion Control... This is a big perk for us! These meals are perfectly portioned to fulfill your hunger, while not leaving you excessive amounts of leftovers. Before Home Chef we were throwing away so much uneaten leftovers from the fridge, it was embarrassing. Now we leave the table feeling satisfied, without overeating, and without loads of containers in our fridge. #WINNING 

Price... Initially my first thought about a meal subscription service was the price tag, I don't want to spend the same amount on a home cooked meal that I would dining out. But as the first couple boxes arrived, I realized a couple things... first, these meals start at $7.99 per portion, that's cheaper than any restaurant worth eating at. And second, these meals are, by far, more healthy than dining out. 

Time Saved... This might be the biggest perk for me! It seemed like 4 out of 7 days we needed to be in a grocery store to grab fresh food items, forgotten ingredients or just the supplies to make a last minute meal. And prep time? These Home Chef plates take ~30 minutes from start to finish... THIRTY MINUTES! In a busy house, time saved is EVERYTHING! 

So I am challenging you to at least look into it! Follow the link, check it out, and if you think it's worth trying, enjoy the $30 credit from our shareable link! A fresh, perfectly portioned, cost efficient home cooked meal sounds like a great way to start the New Year!! 

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