Dressing My Fair Family

Dressing My Fair Family

If you've followed my Instagram/Facebook VIP group for any real length of time then you know all about my favorite mommin' activity... dressing the minis.... 

Here's the dilemma... finding a balance between my love of high end/name brand kids clothing... and my children's love for living life. I am not about to spend $50 on a dress that dries the playground slide post rainstorm... or $35 on the pants my son learns to knee slide in. So here are my favorite ways to score cute kids clothes at great prices... 


My favorite place to shop kids clothes, hands down, is Kidizen. Kidizen is a user friendly app... PAUSE FOR DOWNLOAD... that allows you to filter new/gently used kids clothing by size, brand and style, often the shipping is built into the cost. Think of a high end neighborhood garage sale, it's better than that... think of Once Upon a Child in Beverly Hills... it's better than that. Don't believe me? Here are a few of my Kidizen favorite past purchases! 

 Kidizen is our source for Mini Melissa shoes, June & January dresses, Matilda Jane, Eleanor Rose and so much more! Most of the time I'm on a mission to find specific items/brands but they also feature a hashtag style sorting method where you can shop collections of clothing styles that speak to you. Even better? You can use Kidizen to sell your kids clothing when you're ready to purge your kid's closet! 

Want $5 of free cash to try Kidizen out? Use my link, HERE!


I have been receiving fixes for myself for over a year now, I've found it's a great way to incorporate new items into my wardrobe that I wouldn't have normally picked.... But, this article isn't about me. So when I received a message from SF saying they were testing out a kids version, I was eager to try it. Each month we pay $20 for the kids to receive a box of clothing/shoes/accessories (usually 7-10 items). That $20 is credited towards anything you decide to keep in the box, the rest gets sent back in a prepaid envelope. Generally the pricing is comparable to Target/Old Navy pricing, occasionally they'll include something a bit more high end like Hannah Anderson jammies or an Osh Kosh raincoat, etc. Here are some of our favorite fix purchases... 

Some boxes I keep one or two things, some boxes I've kept the entire box! The kids enjoy the happiness of receiving a box in the mail and the fix always includes stickers and directions on a crafty way to reuse the box. Try StitchFix for the kids, try it for yourself, and let us know what you think. Use my code to enjoy $25 off your first fix, HERE

 And my final secret to finding deals on kids clothes? Facebook! 

Henry + Eleanor BST

I started a Facebook group to sell Henry and Eleanor's threads to the My Fair Ellie community. But I also join Facebook groups of my favorite brands to scope out previous lines, post my ISO (in search of) and snag a good deal. Here are some of my favorites... 

Eleanor Rose BST . Matilda Jane BST . June & January BST

Can't wait to hear all about your adorable finds! 

XOXO Cassie 


Cassandra Huckabay

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