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MFE Gives Back // Common Sense Gun Control // Everytown & Sandy Hook Fundraiser

I have a 3rd grader.
This boy made me a mom. He's the sweetest combination of myself and the love of my life. He's kind, he loves big, he's funny, silly, and so smart. He deserves safety, he deserves love and he deserves a country that is not strangled by an interest group.
Because the reality is that 90% of us agree on gun control in some form. For me, I'm not asking to take away all guns. But I do want it to be as hard to get a firearm as it is to get a driver's license. I want there to be a waiting period, I want you to read a book, to take a test, to register that firearm and, when you break the rules, I want it taken away. I want it for my babies and I want it for yours too.
Did you know that guns are the leading cause of death among children in this country, that on average, 12 American children die each day from gun violence. That's a rate 5x higher than drowning. Your child is 5 times more likely to die from a gun than from water - but we send our children to swimming lessons. And what have we done to prevent gun violence?
I know this topic is uncomfortable. Maybe stating what I believe polarizes me for some, maybe it makes me a bad business owner. Maybe you'll stop following me or this page when you read this post. You might say it makes you feel sad and depressed, but you know what? Maybe that's exactly what we need. Maybe we need to sit in the uncomfortable. Maybe we need to feel sad and ask ourselves what we can do to make this country a safer place for our children.
So what can I do? I can talk to my child about gun safety. I can talk to their school about the safety measures in place. I can donate to advocates of gun control. I can reach out to my representatives on a state and national level. If I send my child on a play date at another house, I can ask about their gun safety status. I can start conversations and I can use My Fair Ellie to do it.
We are working on badge buddies so you can start conversations too. Every design we create will give back to the Everytown & Sandy Hook Promise, groups that work to advocate for gun control and help teach children about inclusivity and the warning signs of school violence. They teach educators how to recognize at risk youth and they work to keep communities safe.
Enough is enough, we want more for our children.
XOXO Cassie

It's all in the details...

 Designs that promote common sense gun laws with all the proceeds being equally split between Everytown and Sandy Hook Promise
❤ All designs feature a LIMITED EDITION badge buddy and sticker

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